Text Box: Limits Calculator

From Target Value:

Input the target value and the % tolerance. 

Example, for a 1 K ohm resistor at 1% tolerance , the limits will be Lower Limit = 990 ohms, Upper Limit = 1010 ohms.


Limits Calculator Summary

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Limits Calculator

From Data Value:

             Input the desired Sigma Level (1-7). 
See menu Sigma Level to Cpk for cross reference Sigma Level to Cpk and to Projected Yield. 

             Next input the Data mean.  This can be from an excel spread sheet or other source that calculates your data's mean. 

             Lastly input the data's standard deviation.


Example, sigma level of 4 (Cpk - 1.33, Projected yield of 99.38%), data mean of 2000, and standard deviation of 100 will give a Lower Limit of 1601 and Upper Limit of 2399.

             A useful statistical analysis tool.

· Calculates the lower & upper limits based     on the target value and its % tolerance.

· Calculates the lower & upper limits based on statistical data.

· This program is useful in determining limits for a process based on your desired yield using the measurement data from the process.  Great for validating limits.  Allows you to run through different scenarios on what fallout to expect based on the limits and the actual results.